Monday, August 11, 2008

ahhh... youth... age... alzheimer's,,,

Sometimes, I think that I am still 12.
I push everyone's buttons until my kids (OMG - I have kids?!) are wound up and Daddyman is pissed off.

It's really fun!

We've been married 11 years. Go figure. I guess all of the button pushing doesn't keep him from sticking around...

I've got to go and figure out where Daddyman is right now. There are some serious buttons to be pushed!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

gratitude: balance

So I took some time away and started to breath again. Thankfully. Not breathing is difficult.

I have begun my "summer vacation." Finally. My girls spent last week at Vacation Bible Camp. They loved the long days of sports themed activities. I loved the long days of sports themed activities that left me with time to do what I wanted to do.

Boy, that makes me sounds like a bad mom. But don't scold me just yet. Time away is vital to refresh our souls and appreciation of each other.

During our VBS days, after walking the girls to "camp," Daddyman and I walked for an hour each morning, then stopped for coffee and time to read the paper. It was bliss. It felt like we were dating again (BTW - today is our 11th anniversary!) We laughed and talked and enjoyed each other without the pressure to finish a project or the interruption of a child or the urgency of work. It made us both begin to find that balance in our relationship that we have been scrambling for.

I read the latest issue of Body & Soul. It's about gratitude and balance. It really struck home.

Recently, I have been feeling the awe of being gifted so many things - without asking. Mama Byrd shares clothes, neighbors show up with wine and treats or dress-up stuff for the Littles... In fact, we were at an art fair last weekend, and the girls saw something they loved - stained glass pendants. They weren't expensive, and we choose something else from this artist's booth and I was ready to pay - she didn't take credit and I didn't bring cash. As we were getting ready to leave the booth, the artist approached the girls and asked them each to choose the pendant they would like - and then she gave them to the girls!

With all of this generosity, I have been feeling, well, weird. Am I attracting that kind of energy? Do we look like we are "in need?" Why do people keep giving me and my family things?

Then, last week, I opened this month's edition of Body & Soul and read: "Learn to Receive what others have to offer and you'll enable someone else to give."

So, now I am simply grateful. I am grateful to my friend who knows how much I love beautiful clothing, so she passes on things to me to share! I am grateful to our neighbor who knows how much little girls love to dress up so she passes on her daughter's fancy clothes and costume jewelry! I am grateful to the friend who calls and offers to take my girls - ALL THREE - for the afternoon so I can have time to myself. I am grateful to Mama Byrd who, even though she is dramatically sleep deprived due to Baby Byrd's random sleep habits, hosted our Littlest Little so Daddyman and I could have an impromptu lunch date because Mama Byrd is a romantic at heart and wants everyone to feel special!

Thank you world, for bringing these people into my life!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

dig it

This is the scene out my front door. It's so glamorous! At 6:30 AM the diggers start digging and the construction fellas start shoutin' and cussin' and the mixers start rumblin' and the dust starts a flyin' in the finest powder. Looking down the street is like looking into an old western town, the dust hangs in the air and the construction fellas face off while mounted on their metal steed.

It totally sucks!

My house and my children and my dishes and my shoes and my teeth are covered in the finest soft brown layer of dust.

It won't be done until NOVEMBER!!!