Saturday, August 2, 2008

dig it

This is the scene out my front door. It's so glamorous! At 6:30 AM the diggers start digging and the construction fellas start shoutin' and cussin' and the mixers start rumblin' and the dust starts a flyin' in the finest powder. Looking down the street is like looking into an old western town, the dust hangs in the air and the construction fellas face off while mounted on their metal steed.

It totally sucks!

My house and my children and my dishes and my shoes and my teeth are covered in the finest soft brown layer of dust.

It won't be done until NOVEMBER!!!



Angela Williams Duea said...

What on earth are they doing? Making a new road?

Iguana Banana said...

they are replacing all of the pipes and plumbing and electrical and gas lines, they are resurfacing and putting in new curbs, berms, and street lights...
I just have to keep telling myself that it is going to be wonderful!

Ahna said...

Maybe now is the time to listen to Woody Guthrie, and read about the "Dust Bowl Days" with a REAL sense of kinship with the folks of yesteryear.

A couple of years ago, I also lived with incessant construction for months on end, and am deeply empathetic with your plight! Hang in there! Love, Ahnalog