Thursday, February 26, 2009

why am I such a flake?

Do you ever have a day that you wonder - who the hell have I become?
You see, I used to be really fun and easy going. I had not a care in the world. I was the first one to jump into this world and play hard.
Apparently, that's not so true anymore.
I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with these two good friends from college. Eric picked me up at my house, and together we drove to Northfield to visit Steve and his wife and step-daughter. Well, it was snowing. Like crazy. I became the biggest old lady worry wort. I would have hated to drive in the car with me. I kept trying to tell myself that I was a Nervous Nelly because of the last car crash that we had - you remember. The one that took out the deer and totaled the car? Yep. Life changing, because now I can hardly be a passenger in a car.
So, the embarrassment didn't end there. Nope. Our friend Steve treated Eric and me and his step-daughter to a lovely dinner at a great Indian restaurant. Well, I guess that my nerves got the best of me because all I did was chatter. Chatter. Chatter. Chatter.

I wish that there were do-overs in the grown-up world. If I had it to do again, I would be super cool, articulate, charming, relaxed and of course, insanely interesting. As it stands, I think that I was just annoying. SHIT!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Guess who came back? Actually, he didn't work out at the other home. They couldn't deal with his puppy antics! So, we take a deep breath and head back into it!
Daddyman gave it 2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed or things could get ugly!

Monday, February 23, 2009

what's the attraction?

Will someone please explain to me what the attraction is to Angelina Jolie? So, she's got boobs and long legs - most women have those parts - but she is the most unpleasant woman I have ever seen. It appears that she wants to be a part of the Hollywood scene - she walks the red carpet at the Oscars - but she obviously doesn't think very much of the people around her. She barely smiled as she made her way through the crowd. As a matter of fact, she looked like she was simply tolerating the attention as if it were the biggest hassle of her life. If she hates it that much, why does she bother?

I was astounded by all of the people who gushed over Angelina last night and again this morning on T.V. Is it just a case of, "She looked at me! I must now be as cool as she is?!" I think it's sort of pathetic. She wants to be an example for other people? Then she should lighten up and smile. Be kind to everyone, not just the "needy" people in 3rd world countries. Is she nasty to the people in the media because she can't adopt them?

Good Grief!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

otis is going home...

We have been fostering this lovely, feisty, snuggly dog for almost 6 weeks! We have been torn about finding him a 'forever home' or keeping him in our family. Tonight, we met the most wonderful couple! Their dog passed away 3 weeks ago, and they are so sad. They met Otis, and it was love at first snuggle! I hope that this is his home! They all seem so happy together.
I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

party preparations

I don't think that there is anything more special in this world than a handmade Valentine's Day card. I have always thought that. Year after year, I hope and wait to see if someone will make ME a special card by hand.

This evening, the Littles and I spent an hour or so crafting several dozen handmade or hand decorated cards for classmates, teachers and best-friends! It was a blissful evening. Lots of laughing and giggling and sharing ideas.

Via was quick to offer suggestions for the "lyrics" for her little sister's cards. She had great, witty ideas. Sometimes, the ideas were embraced. Sometimes, just laughed at. Via was not offended. She was part of our circle of family creating tokens of love to share with the everyone around us.

We couldn't afford to purchase Valentine's Day cards this year, so we made them from scratch or altered and decorated the ones that we'd printed from the computer. There were scissors snipping and glue sticks flashing and glitter sprinkling and ribbons being tied and the 'fancy scissors' were a huge hit.

Next year, even if we can afford store bought Valentine's Day cards, we're skipping them.

This was a wonderful table full of love. I spent a lot of time just watching and listening - really listening to the chatter and the giggles...

There is no fancy cardboard box filled with punch out cards that has the power to ever replace the joy that we shared tonight.

I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day! May it be filled with love and laughter and enough chaos to remind you of just how special, and brief, it all is!


a little town on the prairie

Then, and...


Then, and...


Then, and...


This is the town that my mother grew up in. Actually, these are just photos of the beginning of that town set next to photos that I took last summer at the centennial celebration. It seems that the town only lasted one hundred years. When the train no longer stopped in this town, it seemed the whole town stopped.

It was a magical place! I loved it very much!