Saturday, October 20, 2007

august for noni

Noni is in love.

It is true love.

She talks about him all of the time.

His name is August. His is 'beautiful' and he is 'her friend that is a special boy.'

Noni met August in Kindergarten. To her credit, he is a very hip and groovey young man. He is destined to be a rock star. Or a flight attendant. Or a lazy bum who mooches off of his mother for his entire life while he coaches mini-golf at the rec center.

He has shoulder length blonde hair and looks a lot like the boys in the Polo ads. And she loves him.

She came home from school the other day - oh, I feel like a traitor - and told me that she had a big secret. She told me that she had kissed August under the slide.
When I got over the suspicion that "under the slide" was a euphemism for something that it wasn't, I had myself a little sit down talk with my 5 year old daughter.

So. I said. You've been kissing boys on the play ground...?

Not just any boy, Mom. It was August.

Oh. I see. Where did you kiss him?

On the mouth.

No. Oh. No. Noni, I meant, where were you when you kissed him?

Oh, we were under the slide.

Under the slide. I see. Who's idea was this, this kissing ... thing?

I was pretty certain it was his. Boys can not be trusted, you know.

Oh, Mom.

Note tssk and huffy.

We both like each other. We talked about it. We decided now would be a good time to kiss.

Oh God. I am in trouble.

Should I be happy that we are talking about his sort of thing? Yes, I probably should be happy that we have open lines of communication. But right now, I am not happy. I am mortified.

I am also concerned that yesterday Noni brought a note home from August's parents. Could they please have Noni's phone number? August would like to call her to invite her for a sleep over.



Sue said...

Ha ha ha ha - better you than me. I'm assuming you'll be declining that invitation on her behalf, right? Tee hee

I had to have a talk with my six year old about this very thing, because apparently "a whole bunch of boys are in love" with her, and they all "try to kiss her every day." She has "bodyguard" boys who protect her from the boys who want to kiss her. She leaves school every day to a chorus of "Bye Megan," from a variety of little wanna be romeos. I had no idea there was so much romance going on at that age. I am so terrified of what will happen in junior high. We may have to home school.

I told her no kissing until she was 16.

ahna said...

My husband told her that she could date as much as she wanted to until she was 5. Then she couldn't date again until she was 20. He hopes that will take care of everything. He is certain that when she comes to him and asks to date, he can say, "you had 5 perfectly good years to date, and you blew it." Problem is - she seems to be taking advantage of his sarcastic wit. She turns 6 in a couple of weeks. We are pretty certain that this whole kissing thing will be water under the bridge by then. hahahahaha.
Oh, dear. I agree about keeping these girls out of school. ;-)

hiccupp said...

oh my gosh, LOL! The post itself made me laugh, but your husband's rule on the issue is priceless! I'm going to have to tuck that one away!!

So you mean to tell me my 'pure and innocent of heart' 3 year old will start courting in 2 years? *sigh* thanks for the heads up! :) least they're discussing their relationship...

Patti said...

ruh-roh shaggy....

h. said...

I think I am going to sit on my little imaginary island, where my daughter (7 years old) is oblivious to boys, and put my fingers in my ears. To my big girl, boys are friends with different plumbing and odd ideas of fun. Romance is a strange thing from a far off land that sounds too strange to be true.

When I was 6 my best friend was a boy. His name was Sam. I loved him, but in a Best Friend way. It sounds a lot like Noni's August relationship. I don't remember kissing, but we did hold hands- in exactly the same way I would have with a girl best friend. When he moved away, I didn't have another male friend like that until high school. The desire to hold hands didn't transfer to anyone else.

I wouldn't stress about it too much. But I would set limits. Kissing spreads germs and is icky- dontcha know. And prepare yourself for the eventual comparing of plumbing bits. Its fascinating and will happen eventually. I remember having a conversation with Sam about how clumsily boys were built. Girls were better, more compact and tidy.

Nicki said...

Good gravy!! My oldest is five and hasn't expressed interest in anything but giving girls hugs. I don't even thinks he knows he CAN kiss them on the lips. I'm now officially terrified.

Sue said...

Ahna, that is the best rule EVER. Hee! We are totally stealing that, hilarious.

Nonna said...

Oh that Noni - she just has to beat her sister Via at everything, huh?

You know what comes next, right? PUBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Oh dear. What a preview that is for me! I recommend chocolate. In large doses.

CaROlInE said...

Oh my gosh! HIS parents want HER to sleep over? Man alive, I'd so nip that in the bud. Yes, you can talk to her, no she can't have a sleep-over, with a boy! I don't care if he IS only 5, no way.

Good luck with your man-eater. j/k

kalurah said...

this is absolutely hilarious. and completely terrifying me!
I guess I'm glad that Zoe's kiss was un-invited on her part. :)

Angela WD said...

Caroline, i'm completely with you. Boy/girl sleepovers...I dunno, that just seems weird. What are these parents thinking?

Galadriel Thompson said...

Holy monkey poo! Where to begin? Sleep over? What? Oh no? Am I such a prude to think this is not a good thing? I'm all a flutter and hot cheeks.
Oh, my Miles is in love too. But I cannot say any more. It's a love triangle really. He and another boy are vying for the attention of a little girl and it seems the other boy is quite aggressive in his pursuits. Miles is the quiet type, the nice guy, the poet in the corner, who will probably only pine for her love instead of going after it. There's kissing in his class too. Not by the triumvirate but by a boy who happens to be quite aggressive in all he does. He runs around planting kisses on all the girls and telling them that they are going to get married whether they like it or not.

It is good that the line of communication is open. Miles and I talk about it too. He doesn't think they should kiss but he would like to marry her and is convinced she is the one.

The back of my hand is resting on my forehead as I slide onto the fainting couch. Someone please pass the sniffing salts.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

A sleepover??

Oh. My. God.

ahna said...

OK, everyone. Just to put your minds at ease: I said NO to a sleep over with a boy. She can wait until college for that one. JK
So far, the kissing has ceased. This one is going to be a spit fire, that's for sure. She is going to keep us hoppin'. I've already bought stock in chocolate, Advil, and Italian & California grapes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my rule is 'dating until you're five, then not again until 20'. I think that's fair.

Ahna didn't tell you about the time Via had a tubby with her good friend Ethan - when they were both 3! She supervised (I couldn't bring myself to approve)

I did hear Via ask him, after a moment's silence, "...Ethan, what's THAT?....Is that your leg?" To which he (nonchalantly, I might add) replied "...Noooooo." I gained a few grey hairs over that one!

Daddy-man Rick

lisa {milkshake} said...

Another vote for home-schooling!

A sleepover?! I'm feeling a little prudish, too. Is this a normal thing - co-ed sleepovers for the little ones? I can't even believe the parents suggested it!

emilyruth said...

oh this is the funniest!
all of the comments are so great!

i can't believe the sleepover thing either!

& i am so using 'under the slide' as a pick-up line soon:)

jmbmommy said...

I have only read one entry thus far... this one, and it is really funny. My 4 year old got really dreamy-eyed last year over this girl named Taylor. He looked at me, and when I said "why do you like her" e smiled and said..."because she can read." It was very cute. Maybe the sleepover would seem less weird if your families were friends and there hadn't been kissing "under the slide"...totally cracks me up!

JustRandi said...

Oh my goodness! Yeah, sleepovers? no. playdates? Depends on the supervision.
Luckily this will soon become more covert between the boys and girls, and it should all slow down until about age 11 or so.
You're so smart to keep that dialogue open. Good for you!

Shandy said...

Wow, wow, wow! I had no ideas this started so soon. It's good to see from the other comments that it slows down until about 11 or 12. Of course I was soooo boy crazy in elementary school. In the third grade I terrorized a boy named Jonathan with my giggles and notes. Poor kid. I'm sure you're doing a good job of keeping your cool and talking it out with the girls. Good luck1