Thursday, October 25, 2007

ghosts in the bungalow: the bride returns

It was a dark and stormy night.
No, really. I WAS a dark and stormy night.
It was the perfect Halloween night - rainy and cold.
The moon was almost full, but not quite.
The trees were void of their leaves, and in the
moon light, they had a perfect Poe-like quality.
Like bony black fingers that were scratching at the
wispy clouds, never getting what they were reaching

As I got ready for bed, I thought,

"This would be a great nights for ghosts."

In our lovely little bungalow, our bed was situated in our room in such a way that I could look directly down the hallway if I lay on my left side.

That night, I lay on my left side.

It was well passed midnight when I woke up. I don't know why I woke up. There wasn't really a sound that woke me. It's just that suddenly I wasn't asleep anymore.

As I lay looking down the hallway, it began to rain. With a giant bang, the thunder struck. I realized that I couldn't see anything in the dark. The moon had been covered by the storm clouds.

There was a flash of lightening. And there she was.

The bride.

The woman that our little bungalow had been built for was standing in the hallway, and I was looking right at her.

I wasn't afraid.

She walked down the hall and into the bedroom.

She was beautiful. Not the scary, undead bride that some movies like to depict as ghosts. My bride was beautiful, pristine. White dress. Lace veil. Dark hair twisted up in a demure little bun at the base of her creamy neck.

She smiled at me patiently as she slowly leaned down to look me in the eye.

Her breathe was warm - surprisingly - She was now only a few inches from my face.
And she said to me,

"You should put a side board in the dining room. A side board and a mirror on the wall. That's what it was designed for."

"Ok," I said.

Then the thunder. A flash of lightening, and she was gone.

The storm ended shortly after she left. The moon shone brightly in our bedroom for most the night.

The bride never returned again.

I put a small table and a mirror against the wall in the dining room. I had to. That's what it was designed for.


Bethany said...

Okay, okay...hold on a minute. Which bungalow? Are you talking about the Bungalogan? I'm not sure if I can come over any it safe?

Joking. I'm trying to picture the buffet now...

Sue said...

You are scarring me for life here. Make it stop.

But - good writing :>