Thursday, May 15, 2008

summer: joy

I don't know of anything that looks like a happy summer afternoon than this photo of our dear friend Otto and Noni!
Do you remember what it felt like to feel that free?
To fly on a swing?
To have no worries?
No responsibilities?
The sun felt so good on our shoulders and the breeze felt so tickly in our cheeks and someone else was making dinner adn watching the clock and worrying about bath time and bed time and homework and the price of gas and... Do you remember those days?

Well, I challenge you to find time in your day today to feel those things again.
To feel life so deeply that you forget to worry about the things of this world and you drench yourself in the beauty and freedom of life!

Celebrate you.

Swing as high as you can.
Laugh as loudly as you dare!
Say "yes" every time you really want to say "no."

I dare you!


Patti said...

i never shy from a dare, but i double dog dare you to do this as well...

Iguana Banana said...

you're on! I am embracing my joy!

Pye said...

What a great reminder!

but oh, I don't know if I can say "yes" when I really need to say "no", sometimes it feels GOOD to say "no".

How about I take the time instead to look for more reasons to say "yes", will that work?

by Johanna Brandvik said...

That picture says it all!

david santos said...

Nice, nice and very nice Baby`s!
Happy week