Sunday, June 29, 2008

didn't stay inside to clean...

Guess what we did instead?

5.25 miles
3 times around the lake
one banged up knee
2 traded-up bikes
2 fast, 3 slow
1 sore bottoms
579 whiny comments
2 weepy girls
5 tired people
1 good night's sleep!

We're going to do it again tomorrow night!


Angela Williams Duea said...

That sounds like SO much more fun than cleaning the house!!!!!!!! I want to join you!

Iguana Banana said...

C'mon over! Bring your bike - we're packing a picnic dinner tonight. We'd love to have you and yours join us!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

way better than cleaning!

Nonna said...

sounds like fun! Can't wait to see you Saturday! Yes! Did your mom tell you that she and my mom arranged a play-date for us on Saturday? :)

Sustenance Scout said...

Just stumbled across a (very sweet!) comment you left on my blog a while back; sounds like you're also a Patti-O fan. :) So glad I finally stopped by; what a fun blog! Have a blast with your sweet girls this holiday weekend. Mine are seven and nine with a teenage big brother; one thing they all enjoy together is fireworks!!! Happy 4th! Karen in Denver

kalurah said...

As soon as the three year old is ready to ride a bike without training wheels, we want to start the family bike rides.
Zoe's school is only 6 blocks away and riding to school in the morning and afternoon would be a great workout for all of us. :)

Ahna said...

Have been loving your summer reflections and photos. Am ready to hear more Iguana Banana adventures! :) ~Love, Ahnalog.