Monday, April 13, 2009

little love

Sometimes, my heart just breaks when I look at my girls. They are spectacular! I often fear that I am wrecking them. I wish that I could move my family to the moon to keep them safe from everything that could harm them. Love is a funny thing.


Patti said...

i used to fear i was wrecking boy too. now i think god knew exactly what he was doing by putting us together. it's all good.

michaelg said...

Your daughters are spectacular because of you, not in spite of you. Your daughters are smart and spirited- signs that you are absolutely succeeding as parents. Smart and spirited might challenge the hell out of you when they're about 14 but enjoy it while you can. :o)

Ahnalog said...

Hello, it's been a while since you posted so I am just saying Hello-I-Miss-You-Iguana-Banana-and-I-Hope-You're-Well.