Thursday, September 4, 2008


Vital change can't be forced. It begins with embracing where you are right now.

I am seeking balance in my life. For the most part, I think that I've found some. I've been walking and singing, a lot. Not necessarily at the same time. Sometimes. Not always. It makes my dog very nervous when I sing and walk at the same time. So, when he is my walking companion I mostly just hum.


I am eating a much healthier diet. But sometimes I eat junk food. C'mon. Who doesn't? I mean, really? Get over yourself! If you have the 'willpower' to eat grains and vegetables 24/7...good grief! You probably just go out and get stoned.


I wear shoes I find on Freecycle (They are great - Doc Martins - super comfy and already broken in.) I shop for mid-century modern furniture on Craig's List. (I got a great price for 2 Danish Modern Lounge chairs. OK, so I need to recover them, but I know people who sew...) I reduce, reuse and recycle. Usually. Except for yogurt containers. Why can't we recycle yogurt containers. I eat the most lovely organic yogurt and I can't recycle the damned plastic containers.


I laugh at myself. I try not to laugh at others. Unless they are my kids. Then I might laugh a lot. They're pretty ridiculous. Oh, and I laugh at my husband. But his mid-life crisis currently involves stand-up comedy. And, truth be told, he's funny.


What do you do to find your balance?


Patti said...

prayer is my main balance...that and laughter.

i love the lefthand side of your page...great stuff.

Ahna said...

Journaling is my little sanity preserver. My journals are venting posts for mental freak-outs, emotional dithering, peaceful reflection, earnest prayer, poem snippets, goal setting, and sometimes a little bit of self-effacing humour.

Ahna said...

Oh, the above post (and this one) are by Nashville Ahna, not Minnesota Ahna. :)

by Johanna Brandvik said...

walking! the fresh air is revitalizing and the movement is the best stress reliever for me. when i don't go for a walk i feel out of wack, unbalanced.