Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Nora is 5 years old. She is most definitely her own person. She is fierce. She is funny beyond belief. She is the Queen of the Trampoline! When she was much younger - like 3 and a half - she would only wear her flowered swimming suit and hot pink cowboy boots all day - every day. Now, she's more of a sun dress and flip flops kind of girl - however, she is usually naked underneath. Great. Her godmother has even tried to convince her to wear underpants by teaching her that undies are "a helmet for your butt." So far, she's not buying it. Noni does exactly what Noni wants to do. It's going to be such a wonderful trait for an adult - many times I wish I had her convictions and will power - but it really sucks when your 5 year old can stare you down in the grocery store.

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Johanna Brandvik said...

David said, "Oh my God, that looks just like Ahna!"