Thursday, June 21, 2007


Rick and Via are two cookies out of the same jar - both quiet, both verbal.

Rick will attend a Twins game and spend lots of time talking to anyone who will answer. He goes to little league soccer games, and cheers for both teams - loudly. He talks to random strangers on the street, and makes a friend for life.
Via calls out from our front porch to neighbors she doesn't know - yet - and invites them into the yard to meet their dog. She greets the lady behind us at the grocery story, and introduces her whole family with love and grace. She prepares to attend
her first circus class and says, "I can't wait to meet the person who is going to be my trapeze partner. I just know that we're going to be great friends."
It's a kind of "talk to the world" thing that these two share.
It is foreign to me. It kind of scares me. I just don't get it.

They simply love people.

It's not remotely self-serving. They are truly interested in other people. They see the good in every person in the entire world. Each new person is potentially a new friend. Even when someone does something disappointing, both Via and Rick look on the bright side and say, "they must be having a bad day. I'm sure they didn't mean that..."
And then, when the world threatens to become overwhelming, both Rick and Via retreat to their rooms and their books and their papers and recharge - alone.
Getting ready to emerge - again - as champions for all people.

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