Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Olivia is my oldest daughter. She is eight years old. When I look at her, I am stunned by her self-confidence. She is so "at home" with who she is. I hope that she always remains so comfortable in her skin. She has such amazing insight into life. Her thinking doesn't stop at the obvious, but moves into the unexpected. She is thoughtful, and funny. She is kind beyond belief. She is a problem solver. She is a first born.
When Olivia was born, I remember looking into her beautiful, big eyes and thinking, "this girls is going to be amazing. She is so curious." First babies are amazing. They make you love the world all over again. They solidify your belief in a higher being. It's like looking at the world through new glasses, everything comes into focus again for the first time.
Olivia plays the piano, and sings, and plays the violin. She reads like she is starving for the words. She is a dancer. She is an actor. She is taking classes at Circus Juventas - side-by-side trapeze. She rock climbs, and bungee jumps on trampolines. She rides her bike at amazing speeds around the block. She is learning to roller skate. She'd like to learn to swim.
She is amazing!

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Johanna Brandvik said...

So grown up and, yes, AMAZING!