Monday, March 17, 2008

costume party

Via and Noni went to a fabulous costume/mystery party at our friend and neighbor's home this last weekend. Despite feeling a tad bit under the weather, a great time was had by all. Can you guess what era they are trying to represent?


Sue said...

The one where the boys wore suspenders and newsboy caps?

(I'm clever like that.)

When was the Newsies time period? (Hmmm... What does it say about me that I can only figure out the era by figuring out the corresponding musical?)

Very cute.

christopher said...

Your daughter looks just like you in this picture.
Powerful genetics.

Patti said...

the great gatsby?

Angela WD said...

An Irishman and a flapper? I dunno, Patti's was a good guess!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

i went to urban outfitters yesterday and there were suspenders and caps like this all over the place! ;) what darlings! happy belated st. patrick's day!! xoxo