Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dh-ance kah-lass

Yaya is taking a dance class. Actually, it is a tumbling tot class, but any chance my girls have to wear something pink and dance-like = dh-ance kah-lass.

She luh-luh-loves it!

She goes to class with two of her best friends - Zoey and Coco! They are pure poetry in motion.

(OK - I like it, too. Because The Mamas are my best chums. We spend the 45 minutes walking laps in the gym and chatting about all sorts of world changing stuff. It's bliss - no kids and no spouses. Oh, and we get some exercise in! That's good, too.

Not only do the girls have a fabulous time, they are in love with Teacher Amy. She can do no wrong. She floats on clouds with angels and her words are spun sugar candy. It's a dreamy dance world with Miss Amy. Thank you, all that is is good in this world for Miss Amy.

BTW - the era from the costume party? Yep, 1930's. Great Gatsby and rumble seats and all that sort of stuff. It was an American Girl Mystery Party. Noni played the role of Ruthie, Kit's best friend. Via played the role of Will. Will was a hobo who rode the rails. Totally cool. We got to talk about my grandpa who did the same thing when he was a young man.
Noni has been wearing the "Ruthie dress" almost every day since the party! I'm certain it will be Easter wear, as well. C'est la vie. As long as she is wearing underwear, I'm fine with her clothing choices.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

this little one is such a beauty! so glad she is enjoying the dh-hancing! happy spring, y'all!

Shandy said...

I'm jealous! What a perfect outing for everyone! At two Stella can take a little class with one of my students--I can't wait. I spent most of my childhood in a leotard on a spearamint-smelling stage at the local rec center. Not following the instructions.

Annie said...

What an angelface!

Don't you just lay awake at night thinking about how sweet she is?

I love looking at all your pics. Your family looks fun and happy.

Rose said...

Sweetness in pink and white tulle! I remember dance classes at the rec center with my little one (you know, the one who turns 19 next week?) Thanks for sharing.

Minnesota Matron said...

We remember Miss Amy - and me? I remember those fluffy pink tutu and glitter days (which thoroughly ended at age 7 for me). Sweet.