Thursday, March 13, 2008


Sweet Via is unwell today. I feel so helpless when one of my girls is unwell. I want to scoop her up and dip her in a magic pond of love and health and renew her strength and vigor immediately.

Typically, Via is a strong and independent girl. At least, that is what she wants the world to see. Inside, she is one of the most sensitive little souls I have ever known. I have always thought that she was so different from me - she's finds her peace alone, I find my comfort in a crowd. But the sensitive, artistic person that hovers inside that protective independence is one that is profoundly familiar to me. I feel as if I can see inside myself sometimes, when I look into her eyes. I must simply scoop her up, ignoring her protests, and hold her until she feels, to the roots of her very soul, that she is loved and valued and important in my life beyond measure.

I am sending my prayers out into this big world that Sweet Via finds peace and comfort and restored health in her sleep tonight, and that she wakes to find that she feeling once more like herself.


hiccupp said...

damn you woman...making me cry. not an easy feat. you had to go and get all heartfelt mother, which did me in. add to it that she's sick, and you just pushed me over the edge!

I hope sweet girl is better this morning, give her an extra hug.

...and stop it with the moving words.

got it? ;)

by Johanna Brandvik said...

oh, hope your lovey is feeling better soon! she's got one special mama! xoxo

Rose said...

Good thoughts to you both!

Nichole said...

what a spectacular mommy you must be. . . to see all that - to see through to the core of your baby - fight through the tough exterior to get to the heart of her.