Sunday, November 18, 2007

getting slightly stale and setting up

Sunday: What am I thankful for today? My husband's french toast.
It was the very first meal that he made for me when we were dating.
It is our go-to meal in a hurry.
It is the best comfort food ever.
The kids love it.

Today after church, Daddyman dropped us off at home before he ran to the grocery store to pick up some staples and the fixin's for this morning's meal. The littles "quickly" changed out of church clothes and into play clothes, then Daddyman returned and got crackin'.

The whole French Toast Process apparently involves a certain amount of wait time. The bread has to "get slightly stale." (Is that possible in 10-20 minutes?) Then, the egg batter has to "set up."
He throws those words around like a real chef. All it really means is this:

Getting Slightly Stale
Yes, I know this sounds like my biological clock. It's not. Nor is it the time it takes me to fall asleep after a couple of beers. This refers to the time it takes for Daddyman to put on lounging clothes and return to the kitchen.
The real time version of Getting Slightly Stale goes like this:
Daddyman takes the cheap brown bread out of it's plastic bag and slaps it on the cutting board, fanning the slices apart slightly. This both allows the air to circulate around each flimsy slice AND give the illusion that he actually bought a great loaf of bread that he has sliced himself.

Setting up
Yep. I know that it sounds like a sports term or perhaps what happens when one is getting ready for a blind date. No. This refers to the time it takes for Daddyman to go to the bathroom. This time is variable. Naturally.
The real time version of Setting Up goes like this:
Daddyman, now in comfortable clothes, realizes that
1.) his bladder has been loosened from the grip that his belt held.
2.) No one is actually in the bathroom (a rarity in a house of all girls.), and
3.) He just bought the Sunday paper, and he'd rather read it all before anyone else in his family pulls it apart, section by section, with sticky fingers.
And away he goes! Again, I say - the time it takes for Daddyman's French Toast to Set Up is variable and may depend more on the amount of beer consumed the night before than the amount of time the egg needs to combine with the milk and cinnamon.

Please know this. I am not complaining. Remember, I am thankful for Daddyman's French Toast. I am only mock him slightly - after all, I know a good thing when I see it. That, and it's the only meal that either one of us makes that the Littles are certain to eat.

And so, today I am thankful for Daddyman's French Toast.


Anonymous said...

I'll have you know I didn't get to change into comfortable clothes. The bathroom part, that's true.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

You're making me hungry. Oh, how I wish we could drop by and crash your Sunday morning breakfast!

Are you all planning to come down in February?

Ahna, do you go back to school tomorrow? If so, I hope you have a happy return!

Sue said...

Yum, french toast.

Patti said...

now that's livin'!

emilyruth said...

being able to slightly mock each other is what holds a marriage together...i am so certain of it:)

Annie said...

Coming to you via the blogroll shuffle.

Yum! French toast. I love how you refer to the kidlets as "the littles." That is cute.

kalurah said...

ooh! you'll have to share his recipe.
my hubbie makes totally killer french pancakes(crepes)!
it's funny, when we first met, he'd never had them before! I would make them every Saturday morning. then, one weekend, he went and bought an expensive crepe pan and brought it home and whipped up a recipe of his very own. and ....let's just say it...the crepe torch has been passed to him. my entire side of the family thinks he makes the GREATEST crepes on the planet. :)

Angela WD said...

Hilarious! Your husband is truly a chef of the first caliber.

Caroline said...

We had French Toast last night! I always make a ton and then freeze it for in the mornings. Yum. Except that I do the cooking. And I don't need the bread to be stale. I use Texas Toast, because it's big fat slices, and I have it in the freezer. It works great!

Ahna said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nashville Ahna to the Minnesota Ahna! :)