Monday, November 5, 2007

she got me!

I've been tagged by Nikki at i, wright and I promised to answer these 5 questions. Beware, there may be more information than you'd care to know about me...

1. I absolutely love… to laugh. My kids make me laugh. My husband makes me laugh. The brilliance of life and this world make me laugh! I am astounded at how wonderful things can be - what a tremendous gift! Basically, I just think that life is too short to be grumpy all of the time. Of course, I get fiercely crabby at times - just ask Daddyman - but I inevitably revert to my lazy state of happiness.

2. I don’t care if… things go wonky. There is not much in this world that can't be made right again. A last minute party, the minor dings and bumps of life, money woes... it all can be solved. I have found that whatever I need will be available when I need it. So, I take a deep breath and move forward.

3. I like to…
sing. Loudly. In the privacy of my own home or car. I sing pretty well, but I almost never know the lyrics to popular songs. I just make up my own. It drives most people absolutely bonkers, hence the "in the privacy of ..." My kids even tell me to stop singing.

4. I play…a mean game of poker. I don't know all of the games, but I am a pretty good gambler. Ha!

5. I have a horrible habit of… being late. I don't like being late, it just happens. I get busy doing something else, or that "one more thing before we go." I know that it is completely rude (certainly not my intention), but I get sort of distracted. I think that it's genetic. My parents were never the most timely people as I was growing-up... c'est la vie.

6. I will never… be a stripper. Oh, I kind of like the naughtiness of that idea, but - c'mon - I've got way too many clothes to take off and it sort of ruins the mystique. Besides, I'd get the giggles and ruin the mood.


Patti said...

boy called home this weekend and told us about a friend who has a friend who is a one armed stripper....boy said he was grateful we had raised him right!

hiccupp said...

I'm sorry, I'm in awe you used the term "c'est la vie". I think I love you. LOL :) (normally I get a blank stare and "what???")