Thursday, November 1, 2007

sugar candied violet

OK. So, Noni's Birthday Whirl has gone really well... so far. She is so positive and happy and exuberant! We had the family party tonight. Oma and Papa went out to eat with our family. Noni got to choose the restaurant. She choose Old Country Buffet. Yack. But it's her birthday, and in our house, you can choose the place to eat and no one can say no. So... I think her night was sent over the top when the O.C. Bee was there. She ran up to The Bee and hugged him/her. It was like a reunion of long lost soul mates. I thought it was slightly frightening, but I am afraid of people in masks and body puppet costumes. I kept my distance, smiling and waving from a good 10 feet away. Then I got the giggles thinking about The O.C.Bee with O.C.D. Poor bee gets hugged by sticky, messy little kids who step on his/her shoes - and then runs to the bathroom for an antenna washing ritual...

This weekend is the big cake bash with all of the buddies. August is coming, too. I'll post pictures. We'll all be as fancy as we can be, I guess. Anyone have any good games for Kindergarten parties? Remember, it's a co-ed party. And, no, it's not a sleep-over!

The day has gone great so far but Noni has had way too much sugar. All of my kids have had too much sugar. Every child in a 20 block radius is hopped up on sugar, so calm it is not. My head is buzzing, my heart is pounding - I am feelin' the stress, and the results of too much sugar. So, to escape and kind of talk myself down a little, I did a little blog gazing. (It's like virtual yoga!) I stumbled upon this at Hiccup's blog, and gave it a whirl. Totally self-indulgent on my daughters birthday, I know. But heck, I can celebrate the fact that I carried this child into the world and have managed not to wreck her - yet.

Here's a question to all of you out there that are dealing with children and Halloween Candy - do you let your kids be the boss of their own candy or do you ration it? Was it the candy policy the same when you were a child, or are you doing things differently than your parents did when it comes to the Halloween Candy Control?

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Sue said...

We have to ration it. If we didn't, my kids would eat until they threw up.

compulsive writer said...

Happy Birthday to Noni!

And to answer your question, I was rationed. I started out rationing. Then I was hit by the rationale that if I did not ration the candy would be gone much more quickly and I would not have to deal with it any more.

So I let my kids police themselves and only take it away when I start to find candy wrappers left on the floor.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Sounds like a great celebration with the family! We're having our 'friends' (aka cake-o-rama) party for Esme this coming weekend too. It was supposed to be last weekend, but we all had the flu. Anyway, I hope you and your gang have a ball at Nora's celebration!

About the candy. We haven't really rationed. Granted, our kids didn't receive much candy, but instead they got granola bars and small packages of pretzels, crackers and fruit snacks. They each picked out a few things to eat on Halloween night and today they picked out a couple more. I can honestly say that I've been surprised at how mellow the girls are about the treats. Unfortunately *I* am the one who has been dipping into their treat basket far too often!!

On a related note, I'm disappointed by all of the stupid plastic toys (rings, eye balls, spiders, magnifying glasses, bad yoyos, action figures) that the girls received this year in their treat baskets. It's so wasteful, as all of those things last about two minutes before they're broken or the girls are bored with them. I'm wondering, did your girls get all of that crap too? I feel so bad throwing it away, but I don't want them to have a heap of ridiculous toys and meaningless clutter. I'd almost rather have them eat a candy bar. Well, maybe not. I don't know. ;)

Angela WD said...

I don't remember whether my parents were candy police. I had a self-rationing older sister and I thought she was nuts.

I didn't have a specific limit for my kids, but I think I remember cutting them off at a certain point each day. I'll have to ask my girls - it's funny how they remember things differently than I do.

Nicki said...

My parents let us eat all of our Halloween and Easter candy whenever we wanted. We even kept it in our rooms. I'm not that cool.

By the way, sorry, but I'm tagging you. It has to be someone...

h. said...

My candy was mine when I was a kid. It was not rationed, BUT I also got a lot less candy. As a parent, I ration.

This year we also instituted the Candy Fairy. My girls sort through their candy, and put all the unwanted candy into a bag for the Fairy. Then, the next morning the donated candy is gone, and the Fairy has left a gift for each girl. The more candy you give, the better the gift. The girls cut their candy haul by 65% and each received a book for their trouble. (And the Candy Fairy redistributes the candy to the needy.. who all seem to work with my husband.)

Patti said...

boy could eat what he wanted, but only at certain times fo the day.

"It's 2:25...GO!"

Nonna said...

AB - Kaitlyn said to give Noni a big birthday hug! Give her one from me too - we scorpios have to stick together you know!

I love the bit about the candy. I've been doing weight watchers lately and this year decided that there would be no candy in my house. We stayed out until 9:30 and avoided it! The benefits of not having little ones around anymore. Although I must confess, I missed seeing all those sweet little children dressed up and pleading for candy with their beautiful wide eyes underneath their masks.

Sorry I've been absent lately - I'm back now...
Love ya! JG

hiccupp said...

LOL at the OC Bee/OCD concept. hope she had a great time! My husband would have been thrilled, he loves OCB. (I...don't understand, when he could eat stale bland food at home?) ;)

We didn't even trick or treat and Zach still has a bag of candy! We ration! Otherwise, he'd binge, and then we'd all suffer from a sugar hangover.