Saturday, November 3, 2007

love and pandemonium

Well, we survived the blitz of a dozen or so smallish people that came to celebrate the birth of our dear, sweet Noni. She is six years old. She is a wonderful person - so full of emotion and tenderness and curiosity and humor and... She is simply amazing!

Big sigh.

The Cake:

I happened to mention that I was in search of a cake to fulfill my daughter's wish of having a birthday-wedding cake while I was in the lunchroom at work. I just happened to mention this in front of a woman who is in the process of starting her own catering business. She just happened to offer her services - for a fee. I just happen to think that having someone else bake a baby pink frosted cake with purple fairy dust and a mini-Noni on top, plus a ridiculously rich chocolate cake for the grown-ups AND that same someone will deliver it to my home is totally worth $50!
The kids loved the fairy dust and the mini-Noni. They hated the cake. It was super yummy. What do they know?

The crush:

This is the Fabulous August watching Noni open the present that he brought for her. He is so sweet. The crush is mutual. He smiled and told her that he'd picked out the present himself (a diary with a lock and a gigantic orange daisy ring.) He told his mom that he didn't care if there wasn't even one other boy at Noni's birthday party. (Turns out there were 4 other boys.) He would go to the party because he loves Noni and it was her birthday and she invited him.

Big sigh.

Is it possible to find your soul mate in Kindergarten? Is it too soon to wish that this nice, polite little boy would stay in Noni's life until she's ... 30, so they can get married and love each other forever?
These two just sort of stuck near to each other the whole day. They watched each other play, or played together. They ate cake together and brought each other juice boxes. They were gentle and kind and sort of spoke their own language. It was innocent and lovely. I am so glad that they feel the same thing for each other.

August, the Hero:

When Noni had to wait for her turn at the balloon rocket launcher, August took it upon himself to blow up her balloon with his own breath. Now, if any of you know the balloon rocket toy that I am referring to, you know that blowing up these super long, super skinny balloons is almost impossible for the average joe. Luckily, love knows no bounds. This kids is going to be an awesome trumpet player.


Noni said that the day was perfect. When we were lying in bed tonight, talking about the day - What was the best part of your day? - she said that she thought the day was almost perfect. She was wrapped in that sleepy warm happiness that comes at the end of a good day.
The only things that would have made the day a tiny bit better are
1.) she'd gotten a surprise in the "pass the parcel" game (She got one.) and,
2.) if I had given her another present today (she was gifted a pink Gameboy Advanced and a couple of games at the family party - plus, I think a party counts for something), and
3.) if August had been the first one at the party and the last one to leave.

Big sigh.

It was a great day. I can't believe that she is already 6 years old. It seems like yesterday that she was projectile vomiting across the living room of our haunted bungalow. Ohh, those days have gone by far too quickly.

Random Fabulous Kids at Noni's Fabulous Party:

Red Light, Green Light

Via the Spy


Cake, Yuck!

Singing the Song


hiccupp said...

aww! what a sweet pair!

And oh my what beautiful eyes she has!

Happy Birthday Noni! Glad she had such a great day!

(and 50 bucks for that delivered? *high five!*)

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Looks like a fabulous partay! Wish we could've joined you, or crashed it at least! Hope the rest of your weekend is restful! Love, love, love!

Bethany said...

OhMiGosh! I missed the best party! How do you do this stuff so last minute and make it abSOlutely fabUlous??

I'm feeling better today, and want to hear all about it!

P.S. Johanna bought the same cute flower crown for Esme that Gilly picked out for Nora...How cute is that?

Nonna said...

August looks worthy of being a son-in-law. Oh...wait...they're just six! Never mind :)

Looks like you had a wonderful party. I loved those days when my kids were smaller - birthdays were such a magical thing. It's harder to keep it magical when they're oder and nearly grown as are mine.

We miss you guys...out two guest rooms are just waiting for you to get your bums down our way.......

kalurah said...

uh oh...that August is smooth!

Nicki said...

I'm so glad the day went smoothly - it didn't even sound like you were stressed.

My little guy has a crush on a tiny little thing named Miriam. She actually looks kind of like your daughter. My boy loves to pet her hair and take care of her at preschool. He says, "Miriam has such pretty hair, mom. She's my best friend." So sweet.

Shandy said...

oh my! What a great party! I love the tiered cake with the fairy dust. She is such a beauty. Happy Birthday to your Noni!

Caroline said...

So cute! I loved Noni's comments on how her day would have been more perfect. Ahhh, the simple love of a 6 year old.

staceyvee said...

whst song? love the mini-Noni. Hah, look how pinky red August's cheeks are from blowing up the balloon. . . wow, he must still be courting her.