Saturday, January 31, 2009

ahhh. melty goodness

Those of you not familiar with the Mid-winter thaw that some of us Midwesterners LIVE for know not of what I speak.


It was almost balmy today - 38 degrees I think. The snow got all sloppy and slushy. Things began dripping off the roofs and down the gutters. I say things, because who knows what lies beneath the frozen snow all these months.

It was glorious. The sun shone so bright and warm that we opened the front door to the porch and read on the nearly forgotten summer reading couch.

We watched as the college boys next door flitted about in their burmudas and t-shirts like they were on some tawdry Spring Break beach - beers firmly nestled in chapped and chilly hands.

There was no fighting in our home today. We all did happy little dances around the dusty Saturday house in our slippers and happy hats! I dug out my long abandoned sunglasses, and then...

Guess how I celebrated? Go on, guess.

I scooped up slurpy dog poop!

Little known fact: Frozen dog poop thaws to the consistency of melted chocolate. So, the choice is chisel the frozen stuff out of the ice crusted snow or wait until a thaw...

And now, as I close the house for the second half of winter, I gaze across the rusty chocolate stained snow covered lawn and know that it was a good day!

Ahhh. Melty goodness!


Patti said...

the poop is...ewwwww.

today we mowed/mulched the last leaves that finally fell off the trees, only to discover the trees are already budding. it is very early for that.

i even climbed a tree to get to a dead branch precariously hanging ready to fall and bonk us.

all in all, a good day. no dog poop to report.

Mnmom said...

I'm here from Michael G.
Wonderful post! I'm perturbed that the warm temps didn't last a week. And by warm I mean I'm completely happy with 34 degrees. Come visit me at

Angela Williams Duea said...

Can't you just leave it there? It's really good for the grass, right?

I'm celebrating the return of freezing, also.

Patti said...

hey girlie, you know i loves me some lefties (!) and if you want to join the fray on the other site, jump on in! no worries.