Friday, January 30, 2009

january is done

I dont' know if I can tell you how happy I am that January is over. It's too damned cold.
Tonight, however, is bliss. I am watching the Littles watch "The Secret Garden." It's one of my favorite movies, books, musicals. You name it. It is heart filling to see them love it like I do. Heart filling.
It also makes me yearn for spring. Then summer.

I think I need to live in summer all year long. If I could just move my life here to somewhere warm - the dessert, perhaps... Mexico or someplace even more exotic! Ahh, that would be the life.

I would like that life very much.

I like my life very much.

Here's a little secret for anyone or no one.

I've been on Facebook lately. (That's not the secret.) I've reconnected with many old friends. (Here's the secret - not a big deal, really) It makes me yearn to start acting again. My soul needs it. My ego needs it. My heart needs it. I want to make that kind of art again.

Finding old friends again reminds me that I was once a girl. A woman. Not just a mom or a wife - someone that is needed, but rather, someone that is desired. Noticed. I have been shopping and redoing "me." Actually, uncovering ME. I wonder how my family will respond. It's still me, just a part of me that's been hidden for a long, long time.

I know that it sounds self-centered, but I NEED it!


Patti said...

friend me on facebook. do it! (patti carter tucker)....and i have missed you here. and there.

Patti said...

oh, and texas is like summer all year round. gets a little cold for a few days, then it's back to bare feet. well, in south texas it's like that.

and your family loves you. they will be fine with whatever you need.

michaelg said...

Uh. I AM a big deal. Don't forget it. See you at 10:30. Hee hee hee.