Saturday, January 31, 2009

a great recipe site for healthy foods!

101 Cookbooks

This is a beautiful site for those of you foodies out there! My dear friend, Mrs. Byrd, passed on the goodness that is 101 Cookbooks. Mama Byrd is one of the greatest foodies I know. She has kept me healthy, introduced me to the love that is a CSA, and taught me how to cook those strange and unnamed root veggis I did not know existed. Mama Bryd helped me pick out my first cast iron roaster and winced when I introduced a vintage pressure cooker into my kitchen (no accidents, yet.)

I love this site - and I think that you will, too.

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Rose said...

Glad you're back; so Facebook had you, huh? To comment on your need to do some things for your self, you sound like you have a husband who will support you, so that's good. And as for the mommy part, your kids need you to do this too, so you can be a role model for them. So good luck and keep us posted!