Saturday, July 28, 2007

cheese curds and john dillinger

Last weekend, we loaded up the car and took the gang to an arts fair in Highland Park. Papa came along to "look at the cars." We think it was so he could eat fried cheese curds and drink coca colas. (Oma was in sunny CA helping the Lemon Tree Family move in and get settled.) There were some pretty wonderful old vehicles to be sure. This car in particular caught the fancy of the littles. I think it was due to the orange wheels. Prior to our arrival, it was so shiny and glorious, but 3 little girls with cheese curd fingers can do a fair amount of damage in no time flat. The old fellow who obviously owned this car, just stood back shaking his head and sighing. Not doubt, he was waiting for our departure so he could re-polish the doors. I thought that the old state troopers car from the 1930's was great. Of course, it looked like it belonged on a movie set. I could just imagine a young officer bouncing across and old corn field in pursuit of a bank robber or one of the "gangster criminals" that frequented St.Paul. John Dillinger is pretty famous in St. Paul... I know, strange. The story goes like this: the St. Paul Police told the ganster element that they could "vacation" in St. Paul as long as they didn't conduct any "business." It's actually pretty interesting bit of history.

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Shandy said...

so fun! fried cheese curds! That sounds interesting! We always ate squeaky cheese with my grandma.