Sunday, July 8, 2007

I love my garden. I love this crazy, ridiculously tall poppy that has emerged - forgotten - from under a hosta. It's amazing what a plant will do to get noticed.
It's equally amazing what children will do to get noticed. Tonight, Ava literally tumbled - head over heals - through the house in her sparkly, pink shoes... and nothing else. She is that poppy - 'though not forgotten - struggling to be noticed in a house of loud sisters. As Ava twirled circles across the floor, everyone stopped what we were doing and clapped like crazy for our poppy, Ava. She stopped tumbling, looked a little surprised that her antics had indeed caught our attention, threw her sweet little hands up into the air and shouted "tada!" What a fabulous little poppy she is.


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Shandy said...

Beautiful! And I love the new look for your blog!