Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's raining! It's raining. Finally. It's raining - a hard, determined downpour of thick heavy drops.
Oh, simple rain, I dance in you. I celebrate you with primordial whoops and hollars. I splash in your puddles. I bath in your droplets. I sing as the thirsty earthworm swims in your lazy rivlets! Hooray!

What's the big hairy deal, you ask? It's simple: I am not genetically prepared for this crazy heat and humidity! It's been 95+ degrees here in St. Paul, MN for the last several days - raspberry sherbet quickly slips from the bonds of cake cones, the panting black dog is eating ice cubes out of the holiday beer cooler, the precious, rationed water from the sprinkler seems to hang unnaturally in the thick, humid air for several moments before languidly trickling to the earth - reluctantly sacrificing itself on a mission of mercy for the crispy brown grass.

But for now, all of that is forgotten because it is raining!
The garden will grow, the children will sleep at night, the dog will stop eating ice from the cooler and I may actually hug my husband. Maybe.

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