Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I love goldfish.
That 'little snack that smiles back' has saved my sanity on so many occasions. I think that I might purchase stock in this company.
I should at least include them in my evening prayers:
"Dear God, please protect the humble little cracker that brings my rowdy children to a zen-like state while waiting for the cashier at the bank.
Please allow that little orange guy to remain crispy long enough for me to bathe in solitude for 5 more minutes.
Protect the fingers of the person who stamps that little smile on the fishy cracker's face so Yaya - when she is blessed with the smiling fish visage - will sing the commercial jingle instead of pulling my skirt to the floor in the grocery checkout line.
Oh, and bless the genius who thought of making cheese-flavored fish-shaped crackers in the first place. Bless the genius and the whole entire family-of-the-genius, now and forever, amen."
I really love goldfish.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

I say a very similar prayer to Pirate's Booty!! Amen!!

Shandy said...

:) mine includes avocado!