Saturday, July 21, 2007

peter honey

Today, Noni and Yaya made lunch. They made "peter honey." That's kid speak for peanut butter and honey sandwiches... on whole wheat bread. No crusts. No end pieces.
Noni was the boss. She was in charge of spreading and cutting. Knives should only be used by "bigger kids than Yaya."
Yaya was NOT the boss. So Noni, the kitchen queen, told Yaya that if she listened carefully to all the rules, she could help. A little.
"Oh yes. I will listen to the rules. I can help. I am a bigger kid today."
So Noni told Yaya that she would be in charge of getting out paper plates and green grapes and vanilla yogurt and plastic cups with lids. Then she would also be in charge of getting red napkins and silver spoons and baby carrots and finding Big-Sister-Via and getting the enormous wiggling dog out of the kennel and squashing the yucky fly that had found it's way into the kitchen and moving all of the baby books from the table so there was room to eat.
Yaya did all of this for Queen Noni. As her reward, she got the last choice of sandwiches - the yucky end pieces or the parts with crusts. She got the slimy green grapes. She got the smallest scoop of vanilla yogurt. She got her 3rd favorite plastic cup with a lid. The enormous wiggly dog knocked over her plate and ate the carrots.
And the whole time, she sat smiling at Queen Noni - the Boss of the Kitchen Lunch Time Project because Queen Noni had let Yaya be in charge of so many important things today.
She said, "See I am a bigger kid today. Maybe next time, I can use the knife, too. How'bout that?"

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Shandy said...

ahhh siblings. you've captured the dynamics perfectly.