Saturday, September 15, 2007

date night

Daddyman and I had a DATE last night. Not an easy thing to do why you both work a variety of random jobs and have 3 little girls at home. We have a great babysitter (former teacher) who the girls love. She can get them all in the bathtub, wash hair, read books and lights out in 45 minutes. I am starting to believe in Mary Poppins. Then at the end of the night, she didn't want us to pay her. (We did. We want her to come back again and again.)
We had a great time!
That's not what this blog is about.
We went to the most wonderful restaurant. We feel like we've discovered a new country. Of course, the place was packed, so we didn't actually discover it... but we both have great imaginations so we can pretend we did.
Last night while searching for a place to eat we decided that we both wanted the same thing: To go someplace wonderful that everyone goes to, just not when they're all there.
So, here's where we went. YUMMY! Grown-up food. Great wine. Good prices. Locally grown/produced. Menu changes daily. (I tried to link it, but I couldn't do it... weird.)


Patti said...

so happy that you found me, cause that means i found you! and don't dicount a great marshmallow. smaller things have changed the world...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! You TOLD them! You told them the name of the restaurant! now wee have to find somewhere else!

Or not.


Galadriel Thompson said...

You two are so cute!

P.S. I just tagged you pretty lady!

Anonymous said...

OhMiGosh, Ahna!
This is fabulous!
I have just spent somewhere in the neighborhood of four hours enjoying your blog and those of Galadriel, Johanna, SewSucculent, and pretty much anyone else who commented...Why, oh, why have I previously ignored this bevvy of beautifulness!

Just this morning I found myself complaining to Nathan about my inability (or laziness?) to make time for the blossuming of friendships and my insane desire to get make to my creative hippy roots...and here you are...just waiting for me to join in. Ahhhhh. I feel better already.

Tomorrow morning I promise to wake up early, before Gillian and Nathan, and spend another four hours figuring out this whole blogging thing. A thousand thanks for helping to slap my boring self back into its semi-un-boring self.

P.S. Yes, I'll make up my own words if I want to..Nyah!


ahna said...

ahhh, Bethany...
We've been waiting for you. Nice to see you've joined the party.
Can't wait until we all find you.

Nonna said...

AB - what a lovely picture of you two!!! JG

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Oh, for cute! I've heard about that place from Jeff who used to write for the twin cities foodie publication - he loved it! Love the date night...and the sitter!

Shandy said...

yea for you! We need these date nights don't we!!