Sunday, September 2, 2007

funny man

When Daddyman dove into his 40's, he decided that his "mid-life crisis" would have less to do with fancy cars and fast women (Thank goodness, because I've lost a little speed in my old age.) and it would be more about doing the things that scared the pants off of him.
So, he decided that he would tackle stand-up comedy.
Now, those of you who know this man, know that he is an actor and an improviser - and he is really damned talented. It isn't really a far stretch to find him doing stand-up comedy. And, typical to his nature, he doesn't do anything that he doesn't love to do, but when he finds something that rocks his world he goes all out and gives %100.And so, for the past year or so, Daddyman has been writing like crazy and trying out his material at every damned open mike from here to Texas.
Then this summer, he entered a contest.
His initial foray into this competition was wildly successful. He even received a phone call from the promoters asking if he had really never been paid as a stand-up comedian. Apparently, his performances on their stage was so solid that they couldn't believe that he was a beginner in this torturous world of comedy.
He waited all summer to find out if he had made it into the semi-finals, and - no surprise - he had.
He practiced and worried and tried his material out on everyone in the family. multiple times.
The night came to compete. The original group of competing comics had been reduced from several hundred to 25. Over the course of 5 nights, these comics would compete in small groups. The idea was that the top person from each night would move on to the finals.
Daddyman called/emailed/sent up smoke signals to everyone he knew, and hegave away his all of his comps to fill the house with his friends and family. We cheered and laughed and he did a fantastic job.
But he didn't win his night and he isn't going on to the final round.
He is very sad.
He is still really funny.
I hope that tomorrow he will find his feet again and remember that he is really funny, and some stupid competition that gives a large, boring teenager top billing doesn't know what they've got when he walks onto their stage.
I know that this isn't the end of stand-up for him. I don't know whether I should cheer or cringe. I do know that I am so very proud of him for taking a chance on something that was outside of his box. He wanted to do this, and he did. And it was all him - his ideas, his words, him on stage making people laugh.
He's a great dad and a great husband. He's my best friend in the whole world. He will always make me laugh - even when I am really pissed off! And I love him T.M.D


Nonna said...

AB - He IS a funny man and we SO enjoyed attending the show. What a riot! You are lucky that you have someone to match your wit...dare I say he almost beats yours...but NOT QUITE! :) Much love - can't wait to see you again soon...JG

ahna said...

you could say it, but you'd be wrong.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

I can totally see him doing stand up!

Galadriel Thompson said...

I love stand-up! Good luck to him and his future adventures. Don't give up DaddyMan!