Sunday, September 9, 2007

not-so-fancy food

This weekend, we dined at our favorite establishment - The Cleveland Wok. It is this tiny store front Chinese Buffet that boast some of the best Chicken in Black Bean Sauce I've ever taste. The service is very friendly and the beer is cold.
Of course, that's not why we go to The Cleveland Wok. No, we go because it's a buffet. My husband and 3 young daughters need to eat when we arrive in a restaurant, not 25 minutes later. The girls love walking through the door, waving to our favorite waiter, sitting in "our" booth and serving themselves from the gigantic buffet.
It's kid paradise. Lot's of brightly colored dipping sauces and milk with a straw. It's parent heaven because they charge by age - a couple of bucks for the littlest kids, then they add a dollar for each year of age until 8 years old. The adult price is only $7.99 - what a deal! Speedy eats, cheery wait staff and kid pleasing dipping sauces... all of that and good food, too.

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by Johanna Brandvik said...

This place sounds like such a winner! I'm really home-sick for St. Paul right now. I love back-to-school there and the lovely autumns. I want to pull out my sweaters and scarves and plan trips to the pumpkin patches and vineyards in Stillwater and the apple orchards along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. Waxing... Waxing... Anyway, it's easy to imagine meeting you (with all of our toe heads, of course) for a dish of chicken with black bean sauce and (hopefully) fried wontons followed by a St. Paul stroll on Summit Avenue. Sending love!