Friday, September 28, 2007

mom: don't read this

I want a tattoo.
I just can't make up my mind what I want.
I am afraid that my fickle heart would be dissatisfied with whatever I had permanently marked on my body.
And I'd be super critical of the artwork.
I am also afraid that I'd find someplace like the one in the google photo from above.
I want a tattoo.
something little.
no butterflies.
or fairies.
maybe a little fairy that one of my girls draws.
Time will tell.


Tiffany said...

Maybe Tina the worm?

Nonna said...

AB - I always knew you'd rebel from your parents eventually :)


ahna said...

The worm. That's a good one. Before the squishing, or after?
42 years later... of course, I still can't decide what I want to do. Although, at the moment, I am leaning towards Tina the Worm.

Sue said...

I'm too flighty. Whatever I did, I'd hate three months later.

Galadriel Thompson said...

Tina is a great choice! Even better would be to get a Tina triptych. Tina fresh and loved by a beautiful young heart, Tina dripping worm guts as an expression of an overwhelming and crushing love, and finally Tina resting peacefully surrounded by her loving mourners.

Balls out for the tattoo pretty lady!

Michelle said...

I thought about my first tattoo for more than 3 years before I got it! And, now - several more tattoos later - I still love my first! I'm with you on the no butterflies/no fairies thing - definitely do something that you feel in your heart and that you won't see on the girl next to you in line at the supermarket! ;-)