Sunday, September 23, 2007

two by noni

Fall is fun.
I jump in the leaves.
Then Mom and Dad say, "Come inside! You can have a cup
of apple cider."
I make chocolate chip cookies with Oma.
It is my birthday!
I am happy.

Winter is cold.
I slide down the snowy hill.
I build snowmen with my sisters.
Then Mom and Dad say, "Come inside! You can have a cup
of cocoa."
I am cold, but I am happy.


Nonna said...

How insightful and precious! Tell Noni thank you for the wonderful imagery - I am ever more anxious for winter now!!!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Maybe if Noni can keep writing these I will be better able to endure the winter!

I love your family: ) (hope that didn't sound creepy)

ahna said...

that didn't sound creepy at all. They rock. But then again, so do yours. That storm trooper dance number was pretty fabulous.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

cider, choc chip cookies, cocoa. nora really knows how to do it right!

ahna said...

It's all about the food, baby. That's the way we live up here in the North Woods. Keep that extra layer of fat just in order to stay warm.

Shandy said...

I love her observations and her final, "I am happy"s.

emilyruth said...

have a treat
i am happy

this is the formula for a good life
she has nailed it