Friday, January 11, 2008

in search of the fun(k) in family

While researching tomorrow's goings on, I checked into the Public Radio Station (The Current is one of the event hosts) and I found this great link. Wonderground Radio Check out the awesome play list. Now, this is some music that would actually be fun to play AND it's totally "kid safe!"

This is a page from the on-line coloring book. Down load the whole thing at the link below.

I think that a fabulous time will be had by all! Check it out, if you'd like: Rock the Cradle!

Before we Rock the Cradle, we are going to lunch at a great kids theater event: Martha's Clubhouse at the BLB!
Editors Note: We, luckily, figured out that the Rock the Cradle event isn't until NEXT Sunday - I am a dork!

Martha is actually our good friend Ann. She is hilarious! The kids dig her.
Editor's Note: Check out our Flickr link for photos of this great event!

Martha's Improv and Kiddie Cabaret

Join Martha & guest for an hour of improv fun and games for the whole family. Children are gently encouraged to get on stage to improv with Martha & her friends. We’ll travel to distant lands, sing funny songs and tell tall tales all right there on stage. (Parents… there is some good life stuff in here too!)

The Bryant Lake Bowl is such a rockin' place to be. It's in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Artsy-cool-young-hip. Many moons ago, I lived just down the street from this place. It had not found it's groove then. It was a scary liquor joint! Now it's sort of a bar/bowling alley/theater/all-around-hip-hangout. They make their own root beer and have really fabulous eats! This is a venue that both Daddyman and I have work before. It's a home to some really interesting, adventurous, wacky theater and music. If you are ever in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area, you should really try to stop here for a beer and a little bowling. If you can get a ticket, what ever is playing will be something you've probably never seen before! If you are in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area and you are going to the BLB, send us an email and we'll join you for a beer!


Mary said...

Well, well: this isn't Martha Benda, is it? She's a friend (also an actor) whose children all three go to JJ Hill... send me an email at mpetrie at

The thing at MPR sounds great -- I've put it in my calendar.

Mary said...

Oh: and I forgot to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my romp here and it will be fun to meet you.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

i'm streaming wonderground radio currently. love it! chuck berry, stereolab and the police within minutes of each other. and good for the kiddies. thanks for the hook-up!

Patti said...

mmmmm, beer....