Friday, January 25, 2008

oh dear.

What a dork. I thought Sally Field. I saw Sally Field in my mind. And yet, I wrote Sissy Spacek. Who I do like quite a bit. I think she's a great actress... but I KNOW that it was Sally and not Sissy who had the same insecurity thing that I do. I wish I could chalk up my brain fart on hard livin' and tough lovin' but, alas, I fear that it is simply old age and young children. C'est la vie. I still love all of you!

I'm off to tame a wild young cowboy. What are you doin' this balmy Friday night?

And of course, by "cowboy," I mean my kids - the Littles - are running stampede through the bedrooms and I've got to corral them to greener pasture for the night.

I wish that I meant "Cowboy" as in hot young college boy, scantily clad in chaps, a hat and a low slung guitar... mmmm.

obviously, I need more sleep.

Or an pretty pink cocktail

Or less bedtime stories that rhyme.


Anonymous said...

Daddyman here.

She's just pining for some naked college boy she saw years ago on his front step, standing there naked playing his guitar. (That's not a euphemism - it was an actual guitar)

I remember, I was driving, so I didn't see - thank goodness. But Via was younger and insisted we go back because 'I want to see the naked man'.

Like mother, like daughter, I guess

kalurah said...

Well, we can't all be Ree, now can we??
HA! I just noticed the comment from Daddyman! How observant am I???

The MomBabe said...

I just realized that this was in reference to your last post. Brains, I tell you, I've got brains. Meanwhile, good to know I'm not completely losing it ;)

Patti said...

as usual, i vote the cocktail...