Sunday, January 27, 2008

its' a start

It's time to catch up with some unfinished business - here goes:

I've been given the task of passing this award on to other wonderful bloggers. Each of these blogs has something interesting to offer the reader. I'm not certain that any of these lovely folks are into this - or if they even know that I've been lurking around their sites, but you really should visit them, so...
Minnesota Matron starting close to home. Turns out - our children go to school together. Not the same grade, but the same school. Cool. Can't wait to meet her. Love what she writes about.
Ahnalog is another Ahna! This Ahna is the southern version. She is young and creative and thoughtful. She is who I wanted to be at her age. She even spells her name the same way that I do. Cool!
bean & noodle is such a lovely little spot with a magical blend of creativity and parenting.
cjane enjoy it is funny and goofy and real. She's like a favorite cousin.
Derfwad Manor is one of my favorite places to visit. Ms. G is so damn sarcastic and funny and right on the money - I can't drink coffee while I read her stuff. It's likely to shoot out of my nose. (I'm pretty certain that most people who read this blog love her - and at last count, that's a lot of folks. She probably knows how excellent she is, but that's totally OK.)
Inside Out is a lovely, soft, gentle site. Very thoughtful. Full of love. Written by my very favorite sister-in-law!
Marsbarn Designs... is a really creative spot to visit. I am always inspired by the creativity that bubbles over here. Creative and a great mom - wow!
Welcome to the Patti-O is definitely one of my favorite spots to visit. Patti has such a sarcastic wit and a sharp sense of who or what is full of it - she'll happily share her take on things which is usually very funny! She'll openly share her take on life. Without fear of trying to please everyone - very refreshing!
shining egg is a great site! The photographs are gorgeous and her take on mothering is very refreshing. I love what is written, but visually - it's gorgeous!

There are so very many great sites that I visit, I can't include them all. Perhaps at another time I will share more snippets and insights into the ones I love.

We Rocked the Cradle in style. This is Noni and her buddy, Otto. She loves Otto. She will do pretty much whatever Otto says. She was all set to dance with her mother until Otto said he didn't want to dance. Then Noni wouldn't dance. When I suggested that we dance our buns off, she just rolled her eyes - did the tsk & huffy - and then, she crossed her arms and gave me a sassy look that I expect to see well into puberty. Great. Otto and Noni did exactly what they wanted to do. It seemed that they had a great time together. Glad I could be there to chaperone.

This is Noni taking in the rhythms of the day. She really is an art and music lover! It's so fun to go places with her because she so actively appreciates what she is seeing and hearing.

That's a start. I'll check in again in a day or two. Couple of stories that I can't wait to share with all of you.
Here's to a restful Sunday evening and a rockin' week!


Anonymous said...

Good gollly Ahna, Here I am catching up on my favorite blogs, and I see my blog mentioned on yours! I am so thrilled, and touched, that you would think of me! Thank you! *big hugs*

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs. I've checked out a few on your list and I enjoyed them. Glad you had a good weekend!

Mrs. G. said...

You are so very kind. Who doesn't like to know they're loved? Thank you and I look forward to checking out all these other blogs.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

hello beauty. i've read so many other blogs as a result of other people posting comments on yours or because you've linked them in your side bar. i've loved so many of them - of course you have great runs in the family! thanks so much for mentioning me, such an honor coming from a truly excellent lady!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

and the back shot of her sweet pigtails. she is a beauty and a wonder.

Patti said...

me?! and my words?! whoa....

you know i think i probably got the pity vote (all crying and blubbering), but i will so take it. thanky.

emily said...

ahna! i am honored to find myself on your list. touched, honored, tickled. thank you.