Thursday, January 10, 2008

weekend plans, anyone?

Fist of all - thank you, all you tricky on line friends, who wiggled your way around the disengaged comment option to wish me well inmy new health endeavor. I appreciate your good wishes so very much. Update: Day 3. Sticking to my diet and exercise goals. Avoided that which I love the most - coffee cake! (Yea ME!) Switched sugar for Splenda. All is well. I feel proud of the choices that I am making and I'm on the road to a healthier me.

This is what we're doing this weekend. Our children's theater and groovy art museum and indie radio station are all supporting this event. There will be stories and artsy crafty things to do with the Littles. They even get to participate in an on air radio broadcast. Cool. But, I am mostly looking forward to dancing with my girls.
During the summer months, The Minnesota History Center sponsors a night of music every Tuesday in the summer. They bring in all sorts of crazy music groups - reggae, blue grass, swing, indie rock, string quartet... We bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and camp out on the hillside in the warm evening air. Usually, it is a band that is totally dance-able. Last summer, I took the girls by myself several Tuesday evenings. I have some of the best memories of dancing with the Littles on the open air plaza!
I think this event will have a similar funky feeling, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share it with my girls. I am glad that Daddyman will be available to attend this event with us. We all miss him when he is doing his actor thing.

Hope your Thursday is going great!


Caroline said...

I love the summer concert series! They do that here too and it's just great!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

have fun rockin' the cradle. heard you got airline tix - hurray!

agnelawd said...

I think I'm cooler and more artsy just from reading you! Have a great weekend!

Angela WD said...

BTW, our weekend pans are Church Staff party and then games with the neighbors, a friend's wedding tomorrow, church service Sunday and then lunch with a friend. Happy Friday!