Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The cousins came and we LOVE THEM SO MUCH! The very first thing that we did - and I mean we didn't even go in the house and talk. The cousins got out of the car and we put on life jackets and we went fishing. Uncle David is maybe the best uncle in the whole world. He carried the motor down 40 steps to the lake. He put it in the boat. And after all of that work - running up to get the life jackets, running up to get the gas, running up to get the oil, running up to get a hat, running up to get the girls - the darned motor didn't work. of course, it hasn't been started in about 2 years. I don't know why we thought it would work. So we just fished off the end of the dock. Then Uncle David took all 5 little girls in the canoe for a canoe ride. They saw the beaver house and the lily pads and the cat tails and the weeds and the place where the really big turtle lives. Everyone had a great time.
Then, to make the night even better, all of the girls piled into the van with Oma. David and Papa took the blue car, and we went into town to get a Dave's Pizza. It is maybe the best pizza in the entire world. But at this point, I can't say that I have really eaten any pizza.
After a very long air plane ride and a very long car ride and a very long afternoon of fishing and canoeing and a very long day of waiting for the cousins and no napping, dinner was a little.... overwhelming. They sort of ate. mostly they danced around and under the table over the chairs into the kitchen... the whole time Papa was making his serious scolding face and Oma was sighing and David was trying to drink a beer and I was trying to make everything right in the world (which isn't my responsibility, i know, but when life becomes chaos, the only thing I know how to do is to try to make everyone happy. It rarely works.)
The kids ate bread sticks and sucked milk out of plastic souvenier cups and then, I hustled everyone back into the mini-van and took them home to the cabin.
The two youngest girls fell asleep in their car seats. The 3 older girls sat in a "meditative state" for the car ride home, then poured out of the van like pudding - sloppy and drippy.
Everyone slep very late the next day. Thank goodness.
I can't wait to see what the next days will bring.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

Love it! Sounds like everything at the cabin is exactly as it should be. I love to see the pictures!! Polease give everyone an extra squeeze from me!

Shandy said...

Sweet! Are you the older sibling? I know I have a tendancy to try and make everything right and I've found it to be a common trait of the eldest child..sigh. I need to give that up quick.

ahna brandvik logan said...

Is it that obvious that I am the oldest? It's exhausting how easy it is to fall into the old family patterns that were created when we were children. I have decided to TRY to change my ways... now who needs my help.