Friday, August 31, 2007

here's to you:

Your thoughts and love and good wishes and cyber hugs have made my heart feel so happy today. I sat down at my computer tonight and read through all of your messages and e-mails and had a good cry. I am still feeling a little soggy. But I certainly don't feel forgotten. Thank you all very much.
I am not very good at claiming my crappy feelings because I have made this ridiculous assumption that the world will only like me if I am happy. Thank you for your support and love and helping me to realize that my whole package is what makes me, well, me. Fruit loops and all.


Rose said...

Just found your blog because of the comments you've been leaving on "I Hate Laundry". I haven't scrolled through it all yet, but I definitely will. I am a teacher and mom also, although in a different mom stage than you are. Hope you're feeling better; I know the start of school often brings mixed feelings to the surface for me, as does summer, holidays, and my children's birthdays. Reflecting on one's life may be good, but it is often difficult as well. And yet it's the only way, isn't it? Take care!

ahna brandvik logan said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and understanding. Going back to school each year takes a certain amount of readjustment, and I think I'm a little off track this year. I know that it will settle out very soon.

by Johanna Brandvik said...

I love fruit loops! I don't know if I ever really have the right words for you, but I sure do love you!

Chris and Rikki said...


I know you've received plenty of posts, but I thought I would share my perspective, too. Growing up significantly younger and fairly distant geographically from you, I had a distinct perception of how cool my older cousin Ahna was. I can vividly remember trips to Bemidji and loving every hug, kiss, or special moment we shared. You probably couldn't know, because you were the oldest, but all of us held you in such high esteem. I remember when I was in 6th grade (1990) and my class came to the Twin Cities to see the Children's production of the Hobbit. You picked me up afterwards and took me to Haagen Daasz (sp?) and treated me with such respect and kindness. I have many of these kinds of memories lodged in my head and although I didn't really get to know you until I was older and suddenly an adult, those childhood memories are strong and vivid. I often wonder if I would have loved the theatre or music without your influence and there's little doubt that your humor and talent impressed me immensely in my youth. As much as I looked up to David, mostly due to his gender in retrospect, I became who I am today largely because of the influences I had from you and those like you. You are my beautiful cousin and there isn't a summer that passes where I don't wish we could all go play baseball in Reeder or sit alongside the street at a Bemidji Fourth of July parade. Thank you for all that you gave me and continue to give to those around you. Love--C.L