Thursday, August 30, 2007

the great minnesota get together

Yesterday, we went to the Minnesota State Fair. The day itself could not have been more perfect. Sunshine and 75 - perfect by Minnesota standards. We walked and walked and walked and laughed a lot and no one was in a hurry and we drank a lot of lemonade.

The best think that happened all day was in the Miracle of Birth Barn. We arrived just in time to watch a momma cow give birth to a calf, in all it's gooey, sticky, heart-wrenching, breath-holding splendor. The whole thing was broadcast throughout the barn on closed circuit tv. A very calm vet narrated the whole thing. I was amazed. The girls were amazed. Daddyman was mildly amused. We all bought t-shirts. It was a stunning event to be a part of in the middle of the fair in the middle of the city.

Then, of course, we ate ourselves silly. It was a good day. We returned home tired and dusty and happy.


Galadriel Thompson said...

Ah, I loved the fair when I was a kid. Sounds like you guys had such a great time. I would love to watch a calf be born! I have no idea what my kids would think about it though.
Did you eat a funnel cake?

ahna brandvik logan said...

Alas, no funnel cake - wish that we had. We got distracted by the butterfly house and the enormous Blue Morpho that landed on Noni's hair like a living ornament.
The calf was absolutely amazing. The girls and I watched with mouths agape. Daddyman was less than impressed - perhaps because he'd seen the same sort of thing at the birth of our daughters?

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Nothing says Minnesota like the State Fair! I love it! My favorite - the 4H buildings with the sewing and baking and plants and...okay, and the mini-donuts!

Anonymous said...

I happened to be very amazed! I was 20 feet away with the stroller (which does not fit into many spaces, as you know) But I was mesmerized by the scene, and the pushing of the momma, and the cheering of the people, "Go baby cow, go!" and I was one of the people cheering.