Wednesday, August 22, 2007

garage fishing

Wonder Uncle is in the process of teaching all 5 bestcousinfriends to fish. Papa bought each granddaughter a fishing pole. Attatched to the fishing line is a little rubber fish - I guess to teach the art of casting? Well, that's what Wonder Uncle thougth to. He lined all 5 girls up on the edge of the lip of the garage and taught them how to cast.
Via is a natural - no doubt, she got the fishing gene from her mother who has fished competetively in Canada.
Noni - not so good, but she really loves flinging the rubber fish thing in the tree branches - "It's a flying fish. Do you want to see, Mom? Oh, darnit! It's stuck in the leaves and stick things again. Wonder Uncle!!!"
Yaya is a fishing genius. She sits patiently while everyone else does their thing, demonstrating the true skill of a seasoned fisher-person: the ability to sit idly for hours at a time while others fling their sticks around frantically. I couldn't be more proud.
The cousins? Eternally patient, zen-like giggling fisher-people. They mediate their way into the casting motion, stopping to do yoga poses between casts. Seriously. And they know the names for each pose. Did I mention they live in LA with their midwest transplant parents?
I am really not joking. Yoga poses.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

Competitive fishing in Canada? Pray tell! And I'm glad to know that the girls are sticking to their yoga regimen. Ha! Again...looks like so much fun! Love you!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Yoga poses? The only poses my kids know are the nose picking, bottom lip trembling, the scowl, and the seek and destroy.
I love fishing. So glad to see that everyone is having such a good time!

ahna brandvik logan said...

The poses that your children know - very funny, btw - are the only poses that my girls know. Add to that The Begger and The Foot Stomper.
Wonder Uncle and Papa have all 5 little girls in the row boat in the middle of the lake in the pouring rain. I hear lots of little giggles... I wonder if they'll return with fish? I wonder who will clean up the kids when they return to shore. No wait. I know the answer to that one.

Shandy said...

I love this story. Giggling right now as I imagine the circus of teaching five little people to fish. Go David.

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there too, getting soaked.