Wednesday, August 22, 2007

cabin fashion

What do the fashion elite choose to wear "up north?" well, let me tell you, it takes more than a little thought. It also takes a little whining and compromise. More compromise on the mom's part. When the toddler set takes a spin through the fashion "dos" and "don'ts," it's more "I do" and "mommy don't"
Yaya got up yesterday from her nap and decided that it was time to create her own wardrobe. Something that really said "I am 2 years old and I know who I am and where I am going."
She went the shed/store. (During the drizzling morning hours, the girls had set up a store with the help of the Wonder Uncle.) Yaya shopped and payed with white stones from the driveway. The white stones are the most valuable stone in the driveway. The grey ones have less value. The pink ones, while pretty, are worth nothing. You might as well use the pink ones to decorate a fish bowl - Via's idea.
So, Yaya chose what she wanted and payed for her new wardrobe and created a new image. It gives me great privaledge to introduce Yaya Boo.

It's been raining alot. When questioned about the necessity of the goggle and snorkle, she said it would help her breathe better when it rains. The life jacket? In case the rain tries to take her away, it will help her float so mom can find her.


Chris and Rikki said...

Ahna-I was going thru your friends' blogs to see if any of them belonged to other relatives. I was reading Nitty Gritty, and was just bawling about her story. She must be a friend of yours--what a inspiring life she has led. Reading it made me want to get Ethan out of bed just to hug him. Hope you all are having a wonderful time at the lake with all those little ladies! -RL

by Johanna Brandvik said...

Tres chic!

by Johanna Brandvik said...

okay...i read nitty gritty too. i, too, now bawling. bawling. and i want to fly to mn to be with my loved ones. thank goodness my girlfriends are coming over in a couple of hours for a glass of wine!

Anonymous said...

AB! I found your blogspot - you're girls are so yummy - we so enjoyed having you all over tonight. Thanks for the ROAST!!! You da best girlfriend from waaaayyyyy back! How about Dave's Pizza on Friday??? Just a thought... JG

ahna brandvik logan said...

that's a very interesting thought.
And thanks for tonight. We had a blast. I hope that we didn't wear your folks out too much. By the way, Noni said that your dad was a "very magical little man!" They LOVE him.

Anonymous said...

Ahna -

Looks like you guys are having WAY too much fun up there. Come home soon. The pics make me want to cry, I miss you so much.