Tuesday, August 21, 2007

visual wonders in washable markers

It started with art in the cabin.
It's a rainy day - again. 5 little girls in 2 small cabins=craft time! We made glorious pictures for Oma's Birthday. Each girl was given the challenge of creating a piece of art that had both the cabin and a self portrait. They worked very hard at the vinyl covered cabin table - filling in each detail that they thought was vital (both girls from LA included sunshine, the lake and snow in one form or another - what are their parents telling them!?)
I have to say that Oma is going to be thrilled with the results. Some have stories that go along with the pictures, some have captions, some are just visual wonders in washable marker.
I am so lucky to spend time with this lovely little gaggle of girls.

So, it went from drawing on paper to drawing on their own bodies. While I don't mind the whole temporary tattoo business, Papa was feigning shock .... so, we put the markers away and brought out the make-up. It was time for some serious make-overs. Each girl sat perfectly still in the vinyl kitchen chair as the oldest cousin, Via worked her magic.
There was shocking pink blusher, dazzling blue eye shadow, and sparkling glitter lip stick. The cherry on the top of the cake was the chalky blue nail polish. Every girl got a health coating of this wonder of modern science. The color is reminiscent of blue cotton candy you can find in plastic bags, and the girls love it just the same.

Freya brought the tea set in her back pack. Esme brought the tea and fish cookies in her back pack ("Auntie Ahna, I got to bring two boxes in my back pack!" she said with a beaming smile.) The whole gift came from China Town in LA, and it couldn't have made for a happier bunch of girls. We set up a little tea table in the front lawn and placed sitting rugs all around. 5 little porceline cups (thank you, Auntie Johanna for making sure there were 5 cups in the set!) 1 fragile blue porceline tea pot.
Then, they took turns serving each other. It was charming. They loved it. We took lots of pictures, their dad and I. Via proclaimed that the tea tasted like "patootey!" The other girls gulped theirs down quickly - did I mention that we loaded it up with milk and sugar?
The whole event lasted about 15 minutes.
I think we'll do it again today.


by Johanna Brandvik said...

Oh good, I'm glad the tea set made it there without breaking! Freya, Esme and I spent a day taking the metro to Hollywood and Chinatown so that they could pick out a gift for their cousins. Getting the gift was the beginning of a wonderful adventure...and now they are in MN to celebrate it with y'all. Makes me so happy!

What a girly fun time! I love seeing the photos and reading about it!

Ahna, thanks for being such a love!

rick said...

I miss you all very much! When are you coming back home? Looking at the pictures made me miss the chaos (remind me of that when you're all home again, will you?)


Shandy said...

What a fun time! I could use a day filled with coloring, painted toes, and tea! I think you are genius for keeping that many little ones happy on a rainy day!

Galadriel Thompson said...

You gals are having too much fun! Aren't you glad you're documenting all of this? Plus, you are quite the phenomenal lady to keep those girls occupied and having a good time: ) Can Isobel and I come over to play? sigh*