Thursday, August 2, 2007

garden glee

I love my garden! But, alas, I think it is soon at it's end. It has been so damned hot! I water and everything looks lush and gorgeous, but they summer growing cycle has really been sped up due to the ridiculous, alien-temperatures that we've been having in Minnesota lately - it's sort of strange.... I must say that I do enjoy the heat. (Even though my people are not genetically predisposed for this kind of humidity...)
OK. So it took a couple of decades, but I love diggin' in the dirt. The hollyhocks in the photo are a vintage variety that I found at a fund raiser/plant sale for the Friends School of Minnesota. (They have a rockin' selection of goods. Oma and I waited in line for over an hour just to walk through the door. The plants were gorgeous, they were very well organized...) I have already made my wish list for next year. And I've planned where I am taking out more grass to expand my garden. And I've spotted a few places that are in the shade, and need something to love. I can't wait to start again next season.
Ahhh. I better just take a deep breath and enjoy what this summer still has to offer.

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